Spanske vine

Spanske vine Spanske vine
Producenten skriver:
Made from Grenache grapes from 30 years old vineyards, the grapes are picked up by hand and are taken to the cellar. Once there, fermentation/ maceration with the skin are made during 25 days. During winter is filtered by natural sedimentation. In spring, wine is ready for its bottling.
Priorat Mas d'en Bernat 2017
Producenten skriver:
Skidded with small machine immediately on having come to the cellar. Twenty-five days of fermentation in Inox deposits with shirt of cold. Then the wine realize the fermentation malolactic for his later step to barrels.
Priorat Mas Plantadeta 2016
Producenten skriver:
Very limited production. A complex wine with personality and tasty, created for special occasions.
Priorat Mas Plantadeta Crianca 2014
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